Know where to go

Health services in Winnipeg have shifted - Knowing where to go will improve your care.

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Knowing where to go will improve your care

Manitobans have been waiting long enough. Health services in Winnipeg are shifting to improve patient care and reduce wait times.

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Healing our Health System

At the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, caring for health also means making our health system stronger. Right now, many patients wait too long for care, stay too long in hospital, or need to visit several health sites to get the care they need.

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Visit healingourhealthsystem.ca

"Caring for Health" also means we must make our health system stronger, so the WRHA is healing our health system by making important changes centred around excellent patient care.

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WRHA - It's about our people

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority prides itself in having such positive and engaged employees. These individuals bring passion, dedication and a spirit of innovation to the workplace on a daily basis and, in turn, ensure our patients and their families receive the highest quality of care in a respectful and compassionate environment.

This video demonstrates the sense of pride and dedication our staff bring to the workplace each and every day. Their enthusiasm and commitment to their jobs makes a tremendous difference to patients/clients and co-workers alike. They are critical to our success!

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