A sustainable model

Being sustainable means setting our system up to provide the excellent care patients need today and that our children and grandchildren will need tomorrow. A focus on improving patient care and safety will also help us lower costs because our entire system will operate more efficiently.

Doing the right things, the right way

Grouping specific health services at sites not only improves the quality and timeliness of patient care - it allows us to staff those health sites properly. In all cases we will make sure we have the staff mix in place to support the services provided there.

Longer hospital stays have been shown to increase the risk of hospital acquired illness or injury. Improving patient flow and grouping specific services and patients will significantly reduce length of stays. As well as improving patient outcomes, this model will provide additional flexibility to ensure we have the beds we need when surges in demand occur.

We will also focus management tasks and reduce duplication. From laundry and food services, to facility control and administration - we are identifying opportunities to integrate systems and share support across our entire region. That means we can reduce the number of management staff needed and reduce the physical size of the WRHA operations. We will also make sure we get the best value and reduce spending wherever we can.

This is how we ensure our health system meets the needs of those who use it - now and for the future.